Pass the MOT First Time with a Pre-MOT Inspection in Weston Super Mare

Increase the chances of your vehicle passing its MOT first time with a pre-MOT inspection from Roy Hart Motors. We offer competitively priced pre-MOT inspections in Weston Super Mare which will indicate if your car is likely to pass the MOT. Our expert mechanics have over 50 years’ experience in the industry, so, your vehicle is in good hands. To book a pre-mot inspection in Weston Super Mare contact us on 01934 622 558.

Why have a Pre-MOT Inspection?

Pre-MOT inspections, allow you to have your vehicle checked over and repaired before putting it through an MOT test. If repairs are required in order to pass an MOT, our experts will provide you with a quote, and can perform the necessary repairs as required. A pre-MOT check gives your vehicle the best chance of passing its MOT first time, with no faults.

pre mot repairs weston super mare

Pre-MOT Hints and Tips to Self-Evaluate your Vehicle 

Before submitting your vehicle in for an MOT Test, there are a range of steps that you can take to help it pass first time. During an MOT Test, every aspect of your vehicle is checked, as even the most minor aspect can cause it to fail.

The following list covers some aspects of the vehicles that are looked at during an MOT Test. All aspects of a vehicle can be checked by the vehicle owner, for minor faults.

  • Doors- Are your doors opening and closing correctly?
  • Horn- Is your horn functioning correctly?
  • Tyres- Do your tyres have the correct amount of tread and do they have any cracks in them?
  • Windscreen Washers? Are the windscreen washers on your vehicle working properly?
  • Emissions- Are an excessive amount of emissions expelling from your vehicle?
  • Registration Plates- Are there any cracks or damage to your registration plates?
  • Mirrors? Are there any cracks in your mirror? Are they easy to position and clear to see in?
  • Rust- Are there any rusty patches on your vehicle?
  • Windscreen- Are there any cracks or chips in your windscreen?
  • Seat belts- Are all your seat belts working correctly?
  • Wiper Blades- Are your windscreen wipers working correctly, and not juddering across the screen?
  • Lights- Are all the bulbs on your vehicle working, headlights, break lights etc.
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Roy Hart Motors will carry out any necessary MOT Repairs for you 

If you do find a problem with certain aspects of your vehicle when carrying out a self-assessment, our experts here at Roy Hart Motors, will be happy to help you.

Our expert mechanics work quickly and efficiently to carry out any necessary MOT repairs to your vehicle.

Get in Touch to book your Pre-MOT Test at Roy Hart Motors

If you wish to book a Pre-MOT Inspection in Weston Super Mare, contact our team here at Roy Hart Motors. We will carry out any necessary MOT repairs that your vehicle requires, to help it pass first time. Call us today on 01934 622 558.

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